About us


We have been offering unique holiday experiences for over ten years, designed exclusively for the LGBTIQ+ community in Spain. Our proposal is that those who board live their own dream of sailing the sea and enjoy their holidays without having to hide who. For this we offer an environment of tolerance, safe and quiet.

We want our customers to feel at home but also safe. We provide a safe space, gay crew and the possibility that they can do nudism and create their experience without the fear of what they will say.

We invite you to take a look at the comments about the experience of other customers on Google, TripAdvisor or Facebook. We prefer our clients to speak for us.

Our adventure begins in the Canary Islands, where we spend the winter season, a perfect time to escape the cold on the continent and enjoy the good weather offered by the Atlantic Islands. In addition, the island of Gran Canaria is one of the gay-friendly destinations par excellence, an oasis of tolerance, respect and freedom so that gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals, etc. can enjoy the holidays with tranquility.

At the end of spring we begin our journey on board towards the island territory of the Balearic Islands, a journey of approximately one week that takes us to sail open sea, the Strait of Gibraltar and the coast of the sun until we reach the beautiful island. During the summer you can enjoy a week on board with us touring the coasts of Ibiza and Formentera in a fully customizable tour that will take you to enjoy sunsets on the most paradisiacal beaches of the Mediterranean.